3 Things To Avoid With Vinyl House Siding

3 things to avoid with vinyl house siding

3 Things To Avoid With Vinyl House Siding

Your home could very well be the most important asset that you purchase in your life. So it’s important that you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of your home. Today’s blog from our team here at CORE Roofing in Wayne talks about three different things you can do in order to protect the house siding on your home. House siding may not seem like it, but it is incredibly important for the overall health of your home. Like your roof, house siding helps to keep out the elements, prevent mold, and prevent water damage.

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With vinyl house siding, there are a few things that you should be sure to avoid. If you don’t take great care of your vinyl siding on your home, not only will it be unsightly and reduce your home’s overall curb appeal, it can cause you serious problems down the line. To help your house siding last as long as possible, always be sure to avoid:

Don’t Ignore Damage And Dirt

Some people feel the need to clean things as soon as they see they are dirty but may forget about the exterior of your home. House siding can accumulate dirt, dust, grime, and damage over time. It’s recommended that you regularly check your house siding for damage and clean it at least once a year.

When you ignore dirt and grime, it can cause you issues down the road. Grime can develop into bacteria or mold, which can grow and make its way into your home. Having mold in the home can create foul odors, and even create dangerous air quality for you and your family. Taking care of your house siding every year is a sure-fire way to prevent mold and other harmful bacteria from entering your home.

Depending on how damaged your vinyl house siding is, it needs to be addressed right away. Small scratches and dings are not really anything to worry about, but chips, cracks, and other damage are problematic. Damage to your house siding can make it so that the panel does not fit correctly and leaves part of the home exposed to the elements. Water can make its way past the damaged house siding and create rot, water damage, and even mold. Never ignore damage to your vinyl siding — it could expose your home to future problems and reduce the lifespan of your house’s siding!

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Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals And High Pressure

It’s smart to clean your house siding on a regular basis, however, it’s not smart to dump whatever cleaning chemicals you have handy in a bucket and use it to scrub your vinyl siding. When cleaning your house’s exterior, it’s best to heavily dilute your solution. There are dozens of recipes you can follow for vinegar cleaner, trisodium phosphate, dish soap, and other gentle cleaning solutions. If your cleaner is too harsh, it can strip the protective layers of paint off of the house siding and dramatically shorten the lifespan of your vinyl siding.

Additionally, be sure to avoid high-pressure pressure washing. While at CORE Roofing in Wayne we recommend using a power washer to help clean your house siding, it’s important that you set it to a very low if not the lowest setting possible. Too much pressure can lead to water getting past the siding and causing water damage, or stripping the protective layers off of the siding reducing its lifespan.

Don’t Try To Paint The Vinyl Siding Yourself

When it comes to painting your vinyl siding, we recommend that you let an expert handle it. Painting your house siding yourself can be tricky to get right. Even if it looks like everything went perfectly, you may discover that once winter comes around, the vinyl siding has contracted, causing the pain to bubble and peel.

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