5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

5 Signs you need Roof Repair

5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

Ever heard the phrase “my roof my rules” or “roof over your head”? The answer is likely yes, and that’s because your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home! Your roof protects you and your family from the harsh elements. Your roof takes good care of you, and it’s important that you return the favor and take good care of it. Core Restore Group has compiled some of the major signs that you may need your roof repaired or replaced. If you are really unsure, feel free to reach out to us at Core Restore Group in Pennsylvania for a free roof inspection.


Time moves quickly and stops for no one. You typically don’t need to replace or repair your roof very often, as most roofs last around 20 years in ideal conditions. If your roof hasn’t been repaired or replaced within 20 years, though, it might be time to get it inspected at the very least. If you are unsure of how old your roof is, oftentimes you can see if neighbors are getting new roofs or roof repair. Chances are all of their houses were built around the same time as yours.

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One common sign that your roof is in need of repair is the condition of your roof shingles. If your shingles are:

  • Curling at the ends
  • Cracked
  • Damaged
  • Balding/worn down
  • Missing all together

If you notice any one or combination of the shingle conditions above, there is a very good chance that your roof is in need of a roof repair.


Granules are the textured portion of your roof shingles. Often times as your roof ages and takes a beating from the outside world on your behalf, these granules wear off. If you notice that there are spots missing granules, this can be a good sign that your home could use some roof repair.

Pro tip: check the gutters for granules. Granules will look like fine black sand inside your gutters. Finding these in your gutters indicates that the granules are coming off of your shingles, and it’s likely time for roof repair or replacement.


Not everyone makes it into their attic on a regular basis, and that’s understandable. It’s often dark and hard to get to. However, if you suspect that it might be time for some roof repairs, it might be time to pay the attic a visit.

  • Check around the attic for leaks – Your attic is the first line of defense in your home after the roof. So if there are any leaks in your roof, your attic will be the first to know.
  • Look for stains – It’s possible that water could be getting through, even if you don’t see an active leak. Stains are tell-tale markers that you have roof damage.
  • See if you can see any light leaking through – Though this one may seem obvious, maybe there is a fresh hole in the roof that light is getting through but water hasn’t yet had a chance to come in.


This one is relatively straight forward, but very important. Your roof should look fairly uniform on both the inside and the outside. If you notice that your home has a sag that wasn’t there before, call a roofing company sooner rather than later. Sagging can be external or even internal, so make sure to thoroughly inspect both the outside and the inside of your home.

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As a homeowner, it may seem too expensive to get your roof repaired or replaced. We assure you though that it is much more expensive to wait and let it become a major problem than it is to get roof repair done early on. If you notice any of these indicators above, contact CORE Roofing in Pennsylvania, don’t wait until it’s too late!