Why The Right House Siding Makes All The Difference

Why the right house siding makes all the difference

Why The Right House Siding Makes All The Difference

House siding isn’t something that very many people (or homeowners) necessarily think about — and we can’t blame you. It’s tough enough to focus on the important things that require our attention here and now, let alone your house siding. But, what not everyone may realize is just how much difference the right siding can make. It is nearly as important as your roof when it comes to protection and value! In today’s blog here at CORE Roofing in Wayne, we talk about some of the major benefits that quality siding can bring you and why.

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House siding is more or less what it sounds like. It is a protective layer on the exterior of your home that can be composed of a number of different materials and serves multiple functions. When a home is built, the main structure on the side of the building is composed of particle board. Since particle board on its own is not very moisture-resistant or protective, house siding is necessary for protecting the interior of your home. On top of protecting your home from snow, wind, and rain getting in, the right house siding can also serve many other useful functions such as:


When you have poor-quality house siding or house siding that wasn’t installed properly, your house may not be properly insulated from the water! Picking the right siding material and siding contractor — like CORE Roofing in Wayne — can help keep your home safe and dry. When high winds batter the side of your home with snow or rain, poorly insulated siding can make it so some of that water makes its way into your home which can cause water damage, rotting, and more!


Another perk of having good siding is the temperature insulating it can provide. When it comes to homes with older siding or poor quality siding, you may notice that it’s harder to keep the home warm in the winters and cool in the summers. This could be attributed to the lack of insulating ability of the house siding. Modern house siding options help to keep the air inside your home and the air outside of your home completely isolated from one another.

In turn, you end up being more comfortable in your own home because your house will hold its heat better in the winter and be able to keep the inside of your home colder during the summer. A nice added bonus of having high-quality siding installed by high-quality siding contractors is that it can actually save you money on your utility bills. When there is less strain on your home comfort systems, they save energy and you save money.

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One of the most important benefits of having the right house siding for many people is how it looks. You have to look at your home every day when you get back from work, school, or wherever you might be. Wouldn’t it make sense that you want to fall in love with your house again each time you see it? Having the right siding can make that happen. House siding can completely customize the look and feel of your home to meet your specific tastes. Don’t settle for bland siding because it’s cheaper — you’ll be miserable every time you look at it on the side of your house. Choose the siding that will make you love the home you’re in.


Clearly, the right siding can make all the difference when it comes to the function, and curb appeal of your home. Siding can add value to your home by making it a beautiful piece of art, or making it more energy and cost-efficient. Get the siding of your dreams for the house of your dreams here at CORE Roofing in Wayne.