Your Projects Next Steps

Our Roof Repair Company Process

What you can expect when you call our company to come out

1. Conduct A Free Roof Estimate Assessment

Our Certified Roofing Experts:
  • Evaluate your roof for storm damage including; Hail, Wind, Debris Impact.
  • Enlist Eagleview Technologies to get accurate aerial measurements.
  • Prepare and assess your damage in our company’s roof estimating software, Xactimate. The same software the largest insurance companies in the
    United States use.
  • Provide homeowners with a damage assessment report.

2. Contact Insurance Company

With our assistance, one of our Certified Roofing Experts will:
  • Inform the insurance company of the date of loss
  • Tell the insurance company that the property has been inspected and assessed by a qualified roofing contractor who found storm damage
  • Provide your Certified Roofing Expert with the claim number, adjuster name and phone number, and date of inspection.

3. Meet Insurance Adjuster

We work for the homeowner to make sure your claim is properly paid. In doing so, our Certified Roofing Expert meets at your property with the insurance adjuster who:
  • Assesses the property damage
  • Discusses with us on the full scope of damage
  • Files a report with the insurance company

4. Issue Settlement

Your Insurance Company will then:
  • Send you a loss summary detailing the damage to your home and what they are willing to pay
  • Send first insurance check to begin work

5. Plan Project

CORE Roofing will:
  • Evaluate the loss summary report to ensure the scope is accurate
  • Inform the insurance company of any items missing or code compliance
  • Select colors and materials
  • Determine a date to begin work
  • Collect initial payment
  • Give an overview of the project

6. Begin Work:

CORE Roofing:
  • Delivers Materials
  • Oversees the entire roof repair project
  • Has our highly-trained crews install a quality new roofing, house siding, or gutters

7. Issue Warranty Information And Collect Final Payment

CORE Roofing:
  • Sends in your documented file to the insurance company when work is complete
  • Releases depreciation and any supplemental items with this file, the Final Invoice
    You, the homeowner:
  • Issue final payment to CORE Roofing
  • Receive warranty and required documentation from CORE Roofing


We believe in people, company process, and our product! At CORE Roofing we believe a good system delivers exceptional results. Most projects can usually be finished in 1 to 3 days depending on job size, availability of materials, and the weather. Upon completion of the project, we’re available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Here Is What You Can Expect From Our Roofing Company:

Our Crew
  • There will be a supervisor on site throughout the entire project with highly-trained and experienced roofing professionals
  • You will have workers that pay attention to detail during your project on and off the roof
Site Preparation
  • Cover and protect all landscaping as needed
  • Recommend removal of special items and prepare your home for restoration
  • Attention to detail
  • Inspection of Decking and removal where required

Underlayment – your recommended underlayment by our Certified Experts – synthetic or felt and Ice and Water shield to code

Roofing Materials: Each roof we put on is a “full Owens Corning System.” The materials we use are the best, there is no upgrade available. We install systems, not just shingles, this gives you the best possible roof and the best possible warranty. All roof installations are to the manufacturer’s specs and code.

Site Clean Up
  • Visually inspect the property for debris, nails and remove materials and debris from the site
  • Use magnetic rollers and hand-held magnet to pick up nails around the property
Follow Up
  • Provide contact information for the 24-hour emergency response team
  • Offer full administrative support for questions and concerns.